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From executive-level candidates to technical and professional staff, Corporate & Technical Recruiters delivers exceptional talent, every time. Our job is to source forward-thinking, highly qualified professionals who can make a real impact on your organization.

Why Choose CTR?

  • Better talent
    With more than 20-years of recruiting experience, we know how to source, attract and successfully hire top talent. We will confidentially recruit people you cannot reach.
  • Better fit
    We develop exceptional relationships with our clients and candidates. We get to know each client’s culture intrinsically, which enables us to consistently present the right candidates.
  • Faster hires
    We work to your timeline so you get rapid results. If you need a large staff augmentation or IT implementation we partner with you to map out, and quickly deploy the necessary resources to help your company grow.
  • Smarter hiring
    We help ensure your success by consulting with you on job descriptions, talent evaluation strategies and compensation packages. We have a vested interest in your success.


We recruit professionals in these areas:


Information Technology

Product Management





Financial Services


Legal/Legal Services

Human Resources


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